10 Emo Emojis That Are Actually Quite Hilarious

In today’s hypersensitive and fast-paced world, it can be hard to find real laughs. But that’s not a problem—especially when it comes to emojis! Emojis are the perfect way to communicate with others without having to say a single word. They’re also great for adding a little humor to your texts and social media posts. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at ten emojis that may make you laugh out loud. From serious faces to wacky animals, be ready for some hilarious reading.

Thumbs Down

Emo Emojis That Are Actually Quite Hilarious

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as sending a text message that’s full of emojis and no words. Thankfully, these hilarious emojis have filled in for us in the past and will continue to do so in the future. So, next time you’re feeling down and need a quick burst of humor, check out these thumbs-down emoji.


People yawn a lot, and no one knows why. Some scientists say that yawning is an automatic reflex to conserve energy, while others believe it’s simply boredom kicking in. But whatever the reason, yawning is a common occurrence.

In fact, people yawn more than 800 times every day! And if you think that only adults do it, you’re wrong – kids yawn just as often as their parents! Babies even yawn when they’re not really tired.

So how do you make sure your emojis don’t look like they’re constantly sleeping? Check out these funny emojis that are actually quite hilarious!


When you’re feeling down, emojis just aren’t cutting it. That’s where the pouting emoji comes in handy! Whether you’re upset with your significant other or just didn’t get an A on your math test, these little guys will help relieve those frustrating moments.


People who sneeze often get laughed at, but there are actually some pretty hilarious emojis that depict sneezing. The first is a smiley face with a greenish-white discharge coming out of its nose. The next is an emoji with a snotty grin, and the third is a person with their hands over their mouth as if they’re trying to hold back a sneeze.

Laughing Out Loud

If you’re anything like us, you probably use emojis to express your emotions—sometimes hilariously, and other times not so much. But there are a few emojis that are actually pretty hilarious! Here are 10 of the funniest emojis out there—and watch out, because you might start laughing out loud when you see them!


Emo emojis are actually quite hilarious.

1. The Grinning Face With Upside-Down Eyes: This emoji is a clever play on the infamous “grin with teeth” emoji, which is often used to indicate a negative sentiment. In this case, the person’s mouth is open wide and their eyes are looking up in surprise or amusement – a perfect way to express your “I’m so glad I’m not you” attitude.

2. The Creeping Cat: If you’re feeling cynical and judgy, this emoji will let you pipe up without having to say anything at all! Just raise an eyebrow and give the world a subtle “meow.”

3. The Surprised Duck: Another great way to communicate disapproval without saying a word is with this duck emoji. It’s clear that he’s just caught wind of something unexpected (or maybe even terrifying), and he’s trying his best not to show it.

4. The Worried Face With Eyebrows Chopped In This one definitely has the potential to make some heads spin! Is the person below scared or angry? We can’t tell… but we’re sure it’ll be amusing to use in conversations down the line!

5. The Disappointed Cat: Sometimes all you need is a little sympathy – and this cat emoticon certainly delivers in that department!

6. The Confused Face With A Question Mark: Who knew triangles could be so confusing?! Maybe someone explained quantum mechanics

Throwing a Fit

When you’re feeling frustrated or mad, Emojis can be a great way to communicate your emotions. But not all of them are necessarily appropriate—and some of them might even make you laugh out loud! Here are six Emojis that are actually pretty hilarious.


There’s nothing funnier than a good cry session, and these Emojis prove it! From hilarious crying faces to sad tears, these digital expressions of emotion will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. So pull out your tissues and get ready to laugh until you cry!

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