10 Types Of Hilarious Hacker Pranks That Will Have You Laughing For Days

Everyone loves a good laugh, right? And who better to bring a smile to our faces than hackers? Whether they’re pulling Hilarious Hacker Pranks off epic pranks or just messing with their friends, these ten hacker jokes are sure to make your day. So pull up a chair and enjoy the show; these things will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. ###


Hacker pranks can be a lot of things, but the common thread is always that they’re hilariously ridiculous. You might be familiar with some of these types of jokes, but there are surely others out there that will have you laughing for days. Here are nine of the funniest hacker pranks ever:

1) Send an email pretending to be from your bank or another important institution and ask for your username and password in order to update your account information. Of course, this will usually get a response asking for more information, which is then promptly sent to the attacker’s address!

2) Sending a fake message through chat or social media claiming to be someone you know. For example, if you work at a company and have access to employee email addresses, you could send a message claiming to be an HR representative asking for personal information (including passwords and Social Security numbers) in order to investigate reports of workplace misconduct.

3) Creating a fake website that looks exactly like the real thing but has major security flaws. For example, if you wanted to prank your friends by convincing them that their bank was actually issuing phishing emails, you could set up a website that looks strikingly similar to their actual bank’s home page but has obvious security issues (like missing SSL certificates). Once they click on the link in the email, they’ll be taken down into your phony site where they can easily fall Victim 2).

Social engineering

From sending hilarious messages to your friends to messing with their online accounts, social engineering has become one of the most popular methods hackers use to wreak havoc. Here are some of the funniest and best social engineering hacks out there!

1. Fake LinkedIn email scam: This prank targets people who are currently looking for a new job. The fake email looks official but contains a link that takes users to a page that looks like their LinkedIn profile. Once they click on the link, they’re taken to a fake job listing that’s obviously bogus.

2. Fake Facebook message scam: This technique spoofs someone’s legitimate Hilarious Hacker Pranks Facebook profile and sends them a message designed to trick them into thinking it’s from a friend or loved one. The message might ask them to share something on their profile or log in to their account to view it. If you fall for this scam, your account is compromised and any information you’ve shared is available for grabs by the scammers!

3. Phishing scams: A Phishing scam is when cyber criminals try to steal personal information by posing as legitimate websites or email addresses. They might send users an email asking them to update their contact information or sign up for a new service, for example. If you fall for this type of scam, your personal information is exposed and you could lose money or even worse, your identity!

4. YouTube video spoofing: YouTube videos can be used as powerful tools for social engineering attacks. For example


1. installing ransomware on unwitting victims’ machines- this prank is especially popular on social media platforms, where unsuspecting users are tricked into clicking on a link that installs ransomware onto their computer. Ransomware can encrypt all of the user’s files, making them inaccessible unless they pay the hackers a ransom.

2. hijacking Facebook user accounts- this prank often involves creating fake profiles Hilarious Hacker Pranks or pages in order to trick unsuspecting Facebook users into sharing personal information, such as their address or birthdate. Once the hacker has access to this information, they can use it to steal identities or scam other unsuspecting users.

3. pulling off phishing attacks- phishing attacks occur when hackers send out emails that look like they come from trusted sources but contain malicious links that could lead to the user’s computer being infected with malware. Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways for hackers to gain access to users’ personal information.

4. infecting devices with malware- malware can be installed on computers and devices through viruses, Trojans, and other types of malware programs that exploit security vulnerabilities on these devices. Malware can also be downloaded without the user’s knowledge by clicking on harmful links online.

5. hijacking web traffic- this prank takes advantage of web browser vulnerabilities Hilarious Hacker Pranks in order to redirect users towards malicious websites or ad networks that will install ads onto their computers without their consent in exchange for payment from the hacker.


The Internet is a great place to find laughs, and hacker pranks are no exception. From silly photos that prove your computer is smarter than you are to prank calls that have you doubled over with laughter, these videos will have you laughing until the tears stream down your face. So whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just some light relief from work, be sure to check out these ten hilarious hacker pranks.

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