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The Apple iPhone 14 release date is near, and with that comes all sorts of rumors and leaks. Here in this article, we’ll be discussing some of the latest news and speculation surrounding the anticipated update to the iPhone lineup. So dive in and see what’s going on!

What is the iPhone 14 Release Date?

The iPhone 14 release date is rumored to be September 12th, 2019. This is according to a recent leak from MacRumors that cites an “anonymous source.”

The iPhone 14 is expected to have a number of new features, including a redesigned screen and augmented reality support. It is also rumored to have a new design that “includes no Home button and no face scanner.”

Apple has not yet released an official statement confirming or denying these rumors. So, it’s still unclear what the iPhone 14 release date will actually be. However, we will be keeping an eye on this story as it develops.

Leaks and Rumors about the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is rumored to be released in September, and recent leaks suggest that it may feature a new design with a larger screen and no home button.

PCMag is reporting that the iPhone 14 may have a 6.5-inch screen and no home button. The report also claims that the phone will be powered by an A13 Bionic chip and include a facial recognition feature.

It’s unclear if any of these rumors are true, but we’ll be keeping an eye on them as they circulate. In the meantime, check out our full guide to the iPhone 13 to learn more about the latest Apple smartphone.

What to Expect from the iPhone 14

Rumors suggest that Apple is planning to release its next-generation iPhone in late October. Some leaks suggest that the new iPhone may feature a redesigned Home button and stereo speakers.

PCMag is tracking all the latest rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhone 14, so be sure to check back here for all the latest news and updates.

We will also provide our expert insights and review the latest iPhone models so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

What to expect with the release of the Apple iPhone 14

Apple has been tight-lipped about its upcoming iPhone release, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate! The latest rumors suggest that the company is planning to release its new iPhone model on September 12th.

If this date turns out to be true, it would be the company’s tenth anniversary iPhone release. Given the fact that Apple typically releases major updates to its products on anniversaries, it’s likely that the new iPhone will include some exciting new features.

PCMag has compiled a list of nine potential features that could be included in the new iPhone. These include a redesigned camera system, a revamped design for the home screen, and improvements to Siri functionality. We can only wait and see what surprises Apple has in store for us!

Latest iPhone 14 rumors

The next iPhone is almost here and we’re just waiting for the official release date. There are a lot of rumors circulating around and so we wanted to take a look at some of the latest ones.

Some people are saying that the next iPhone will be released on September 12th. Other people are saying that it will be released on October 16th. We just don’t know for sure yet!

We also heard some rumors about the new iPhone’s design. Some people are saying that it will be released with a glass back and others are saying that it will not have a glass back. It’s all speculation at this point!

The most exciting thing about the iPhone release date rumors is that we’re finally starting to hear about what might be included in the new phone. Some people are saying that it will have a new A11 Bionic chip, dual cameras, and more. We’re just waiting for the official announcement to find out for sure!

What to expect with the new design

Apple is rumored to be releasing a new design for their iPhone this year. With the new design comes new features and improvements. Some of the features that are expected include a larger screen, better performance, and an updated operating system.

Leaks from previous releases have shown that the new design will have a completely different look than the current iPhone models. The new design is said to be more compact and sleek with a uniform aluminum body. Reports also claim that the release date for the new iPhone has already been leaked, with rumors suggesting that it will be released in August.


Apple is rumored to be releasing an iPhone that has a Face ID scanner and a new design on September 12th. As usual, there are numerous leaks of the new phone before its official release. Check out our roundup of all the latest Apple iPhone 14 release date rumors and leaks below to get up-to-date on everything you need to know about the upcoming phone.

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